Jerome Horowitz Testimony of B'nai Shalom Jewish Mormons 1999

Jerome's Mother was one of the earliest board members, and Jerome has been President and Vice President many times. He is currently on the board (2013/2014)'

Jerome's father, Jerry, was an early member and served as President of B'nai Shalom. The opening paragraph of this New York Times article talks about Jerry:

The Blessings of B'nai Shalom by Jerome S. Horowitz

Recently, I have been thinking of what a great blessing we have in B'nai Shalom. In addition to experiencing many spiritual and informative presentations we are able to fellowship together with others of the same cultural background who are members of the Church.

B'nai Shalom also provides a special opportunity to confer together and network on areas of common interest like Jewish Genealogy.

Another advantage of B'nai Shalom is being able to have closer contract with special speakers who are themselves interested in associating with Church members of Jewish background.

Wendy shares my feeling about the importance of B'nai Shalom. She wrote, 'Most firesides or lectures I attend are just out of interest. But at B'nai Shalom there are associations and a feeling of community - meeting old friends and making new acquaintances. There is a central theme or spirit in each meeting that I feel nowhere else, regardless of the speaker's subject.