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Periodically, some great insights about what we are getting in Sunday School
Marlena´s Excellent Judaica
add witness to Judah/Joseph brotherhood w/articles
Judah and Joseph:Scepter and Birthright
of Jews and Mormons - posts re both cultures, religions by Marlena
Judaicaworld Archives
Posts of all kinds re Jewish/Mormon
Marlena´s Musings
LDS/Jewish articles

Periodicals, News

Origin of First Testiment
Daniel C Peterson full title Defending the Faith: The decline of revelation and the origin of the Old Testament
Mark Paredes blogs on Jewish Journal
A list of blog articlels. Mark has an educational , employment and LDS Public Affairs history with Jews and Mormons, and is now a bishop.
About him: http://www.jewishjournal.com/jews_and_mormons/item/about
The Tablet online Magazine
Frequently updated, an attractive and well rounded taste of Jewish culture and concerns. Sign up for attractive informative email.
Prince William and Kate Klezmer - maybe
Paredes: MidEast Beyond the headlines
Square a Theological Circle - Paredes
Jerusalem Post
Jewish Week (New York)


People Of The Book
Marlena Tanya Muchnick (Baker)
Marlena Tanya Muchnick's conversion story is available through that website and through her email: marlenatanya@gmail.com
Daniel Rona Tours
Berdichev 1941
Jewish Convert - LDS (Marlena Muchnick)
Marlena's site
Daniel Rona Hidden LDS-Jewish Insights
How to subscribe to Gospel Doctrine Supplements
The Psalms in Israels Temple Worship In the OT and BOM
Who Shall Ascend Into the Hill of the Lord? The Psalms in Israels Temple Worship In the Old Testament and in the Book of Mormon. Really fascinating, fantastic thorough research. LaGrand Baker (spoke long ago at B'nai Shalom) and Stephen D Ricks
by-Lois-Tverberg: Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus
Re-examining his words in the light of their Jewish context provides a richer, deeper understanding of his ministry, compelling us to live differently, to become more Christ-like.
Daniel C Peterson
Jewish Hillel in Utah
Marvin Goldstein