April 2nd, 2009 Alan Steele

The keynote speech was Alan Steele, talking on:

Olive Branch: The Brotherhood of Joseph and Judah

Brother Steele especially studies the relationship of Joseph and Judah.

Growing up in the Los Angeles area, Brother Steele, later a convert to the Church, had many Jewish friends and learned customs, traditions and most importantly the spiritual thought of his Jewish friends.

In 1953, Alan was called to be part of a pilot missionary program to the Jewish people in Los Angeles, under the direction of LeGrand Richards and Rose Marie Reid.

In 1973, when The Church organized more of the same in several cities, he served another mission to the Jewish people in LA. In that period of time he had great experiences, one resulting from relating Isaiah 53 to a Rabbi.

A student of the richness of Hebrew words and alphabet, Alan has taught in the Institute Program of the CES in the Seattle institute and more recently from a BYU Provo feeder stake. He taught gospel doctrine and is currently (in 2009) a High Priest group leader in Springville, Utah.

His remarks emphasized the bonding link of Judah and Joseph and the two greatest patriarchal blessings given to the House of Israel. Alan is most passionate about the families becoming reunited.

His scripture-based enlightenment helped us be armed with understanding of the required bonding between Mormons and Jews and of the responsibility of Ephraim to Judah.

Numerous pictures were taken, short videos recorded, and audio recording made of the talk. They will be linked to this website.