October 2011 Lex de Azevedo

Brother Azevedo spoke on Music as the universal language and on his upbringing with Jewish neighbors and relationships in his professional life. We were all well entertained by the insight from his perspective, but we did not take notes of his talk. He performed some beautiful music for us.

Update May 2015: Brother Lex is rebooting the legendary movie Saturdays Warrior.

Lex de Azevedo is an American Mormon composer known primarily for his film scores. He was born in California, the son of Alyce King of The King Sisters by her first marriage.

For Capitol Records, Lex produced several #1 hit singles among numerous other successful recordings. Following Capitol Records, he served as the musical director on a number of television shows, including The Sonny and Cher Show, Michael Jackson & The Jackson Five, and The Osmonds. Turning to feature-length motion pictures, Lex’s career spans from the classic Where The Red Fern Grows to his most ambitious film project, The Swan Princess. This was a full-blown animated musical, with original music and a version of the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8 “Pathétique” for the crocodiles-in-the-moat sequence.

He has written five stage musicals, including Saturday’s Warrior and My Turn on Earth, and produced his own record albums across a wide musical spectrum, from the jazz of Mountains and Moab to the new contemporary classical works of Variations on a Sacred Theme and The Life of Christ oratorio series, inspired by tours in Israel with Daniel Rona and musical productions in Israel.

Lex was nominated for two Golden Globe awards for his music in the feature-length animated movie Swan Princess. Both soundtracks from Saturday’s Warrior and My Turn on Earth have achieved Gold Record status. He has scored over 36 episodes of the animated Bible Stories and American Hero Classics series for Warner-Nest Entertainment, some of which are currently running on HBO.

During his career, Lex has composed over 40 choral works and produced over 160 jingle packages for radio stations all over the United States. He has served as guest conductor of some of the world’s most prominent symphony orchestras, including conducting the London National Philharmonic in 14 recordings.

Lex has been president of Embryo Records, director of Artists & Repetoire for the Bonneville Broadcasting System and currently works with his daughters, Emilie and Rachel as the president of Two Little Hands Productions and producer/composer of the hit public television series, Signing Time, which began airing on PBS stations in January 2006.

Song list: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvXH67vdQqg&list=PLEAF5E8F0FAD01C95


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