I have been a Holocaust hostess many times, but I have lately noticed how many people enjoy denying the Holocaust or claiming that six million Jews did not die because they think it was impossible to do that. In one particular occasion I was a hostess in the Glen Beck’s the Man of Moon Museum.

Two people approached me to tell me that I was fooling myself by showing something that it did not happen. I reversed the question and asked them to name one event that really happened.

They said that about the Vietnam War, so I told them that was pure fiction because the US Government wanted to show the former Soviet Government how power the US was and it was also Cold War propaganda.

They got very upset and told me how dare of me to say that when some of their friends and neighbors were killed in Vietnam.

I told them the same thing. Ann Frank is my mother’s cousin who is a blood relative and not even an acquaintance or a friend. The people who were around applauded me and the two Holocaust deniers did not know how to get out of the situation.

The technology of the 21st century allows haters to deny the occurrences of the Holocaust with a simple editing program and some viral push in social networks. They are also being sold on mainstream websites, such as Amazon, which provides them with another approval of authenticity of sort.

The main focus should be: why do people deny the Holocaust? Some of them want attention by making statements like this one. Other ones hate Jews because we are successful in anything. We have just decided not disappear. The sad part is that many American and European citizens back- up this denial out of the guiltiness of the Crusades, the Inquisitions, The protocol of the Elders of Zion, Pogrom, The Holocaust, and some other anti-Semitic crimes by Christians, and now the Muslims are using these propagandas to deny the Holocaust and to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. The great Muslim Mufti helped Hitler to exterminate Jews in Europe and everywhere in the world, and they do not want the world to know this information.

When American soldiers rescued Jews in concentration camps, Jews did not want to take pictures because they wanted to forget this awful crime. General Dwight Eisenhower removed his military helmet and told them that the time would come when the world will deny the Holocaust, he was right.

Other people deny the Holocaust for more overtly racist, political, or strategic reasons. These deniers begin with the premise that the Holocaust did not happen. This premise suits their broader purposes. If people deny the Holocaust now, tomorrow will be the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the last one will be humanity.

We should be more vocal about preserving the Holocaust because this is our heritage.