Days of Awe: Jewish Holy Days, Symbols and Prophesies for Latter-day Saints by Gale Boyd. This is an eBook.

Days of Awe reminds us of our close connection with ancient Israel. It teaches about the nature of the various Jewish festivals and feasts. They are Messianic; therefore, they have special meaning for Latter-day Saints.

The Exodus from Egypt is explained as a walk through the Plan of Salvation. During the Exodus the Lord ordained seven Holy Convocations or Holy Days and commanded the Israelites to observe them forever. The imagery in these holy days lays out the entire religious time-line of the earth, especially the mission, identity, and comings of the Savior. Christ used the imagery to teach of himself, while he lived among the Jews.

About the Author
Sister Boyd lived in Israel 8 years (through the 1991 Gulf War), Cyprus 3 1/2 years, Ireland one year, and has been in the US 8 years. Her last child was born in a Palestinian 10 bed hospital while a donkey cart was parked outside. Her grandfather was from Ukraine, immigrating in 1914 through Ellis Island where her father was born; her mother was a German Jew.