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Conflicts, Nation History

How Well Do You Know Jerusalem
1948 impromptu gathering in Tel Aviv
Israels Wars
World Report-by Country
human rights and international law by various countries
World Report 2013:Israel/Palestine
human rights and international law
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
conflict of two nations
Israelīs Foreign Ministers
foreign affairs
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
international affairs - Israel

Maps, Photos

1890-1900 photos in color
LDS- PHysical Map
LDS - David and Soloman
LDS-Division of the 12 Tribes
I'd understood Manassah to be with Judah
Government maps ancient and modern
Government maps - ancient-1
Israel 21st century news promo
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The Geneva Peace Initiative
Hadassah international medical
Medical center
Beautiful places
Geneva Initiative: Israel-Palestine Permanent 2003
Jerusalm Old City northeast Jerusalem, more
Israel Palestine Map Images
maps of West Bank, Israel, etc.

AboutHoly Land

Jerusalemīs disputed Temple Mount
19th Century Israel - Some of the earliest photographs
About Bethlehem
History of Jerusalem timeline
In This Holy Land
Israel Today
Land of Constant Contrast
Orson Hyde
1st Pres Statement
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Birth of Modern Israel

Tours, Wailing Wall, BYU

Israel Museum Jerusalum
in Israel Today 2000
BYU Jerusalem Center
Tour with Daniel Rona
Wailing Wall webcam
Jewish Temple Institute