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Holocaust Museums

Auschwitz Birkenau facebook
Newest - in Seattle
There may be others around the country not listed. This web page has great info.
Ruth Panamaroff - Holocaust 2014
A wonderful thought train about the way deniers think. With pictures from the Man of Moon Museum.
Wikipedia - Sir Winton
Nicholas Winton - Czechoslovakia Jewish Children
60 Minutes report on Sir Winton's two week "vacation" where he discovered the predicament, and had to take action. (Was Czechoslovakia; In 1993 split to Czech and Slovakia .
Vancouver BC
Midwest Kansas City
US Holocaust Mem Museum

Holocaust Education/Info

Story of 732 Young Concentration Camp Survivors
The Boys: The Untold Story of 732 Young Concentration Camp Survivors In 1993, at the urging of one of their members, a group of concentration camp survivors who drifted into Prague after World War II related their stories to Sir Martin Gilbert. The Boys is the result--a recreation of the nightmare years in their own voices and a tale of hope overcoming horror in the darkest of hours. 40 photos. 8 maps
A Holocaust book for young children
It looks like the sort of children's book you find the world over
Illinois Photo Essay
Very educational photos not for the faint of heart
Holocaust in Berdichev
A book that details the history of the Holocaust in Berdichev and other parts of Ukraine after Hitler invaded Russia in 1941.
Contemporary Holocaust Ed Foundation
About . com
College of St Elizabeth
In their search box, enter holocaust
Washington state
Association with teachers teaching reality of Holocaust
Task force
Learn from History - Denmark
Remember . com
The Years of Extermination
History as Moral Obligation
Some really good essays. Try the Omaha one. Touching the spirit.
For teachers
Holocaust summary
Voices of the Victims
Understand how the Holocaust affected those involved

Anti-Semitic Issues

Opinion page: The roots of modern anti semitism
Happening now around the world: now
the Name “Judah” and Antisemitism
How the last Jews escaped Aleppo Syria
Except one.
Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon Ctr Pubs
A Catholic book
Martin Luther
The Passion Whats not in NT
The Passion FAQ
The Distortion