B'nai Shalom
Jewish Mormons and Interested Friends
Jubilee Year (50 years) 2017

Dr. D. Kelly Ogden

the History of the BYU Jerusalem Center Sept. 2017
(the Thursday before General Conference)
in SLC's Pioneer Stake Center

Dr. D. Kelly Ogden
Dr. D. Kelly Ogden

We had an evening of Israeli/Jewish Dance,
Fellowship and Food, Jewish/LDS Inspiration and Music

Dr. Ogden, our fireside speaker, is an Emeritus Professor of Ancient Scripture. In the 1980s he served as president of the Jerusalem Branch in Israel. For 14 years he helped administer BYU’s study programs in the Holy Land and guided students on field study trips all over Israel/Palestine, the Sinai, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece.

More from his bio:

He is the author of numerous books, some with Andrew Skinner and/or David Galbraith. For five years he helped prepare the LDS editions of the Scriptures. He served on the Gospel Doctrine Writing Committee. He has presided over the Guatemala MTC.

His articles have appeared in the Ensign, the Liahona (the International Magazine of the Church), the Church News, the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, and other LDS and non-LDS publications. He has also been a frequent participant in the BYU Television scripture discussions.

He has taught courses in Hebrew, Old and New Testament, writings of Isaiah, the Bible as literature, history of the ancient Near East, biblical and modern geography of the Holy Land, and more.

He has climbed Mount Sinai 18 times.

See much more in his BYU bio (https://religion.byu.edu/kelly_ogden).

You might find his recent article interesting: "Questions about Latter-day Saint Temples from a Jewess". It contains interesting insight. https://ldsmag.com/article-1-9012/.

Brother Ogden is the author of numerous books (see bottom of page) some with Andrew Skinner and David Galbraith (who also was director of BYU Jerusalem for 20 years.)

For five years Brother Ogden helped prepare the LDS editions of the Scriptures. He is now a sealer in the Provo Temple.

The usual evening format; see https://news.mormonsandjews.org/. The talk was in the chapel; no recording was made. A relevant PDF will be made available later for our members through the US and world who cannot attend. (We have over 1000 members world-wide.)

Coming up: High Holy Days
  Rosh Ha Shanah (Sept 20-22)
  Yom Kippur (Sept 29/30)
  And Chanukah (Reclaiming of the Temple) (Dec 12-20)

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