The B'nai Shalom Gathering April 3, 2002 featured Marlena Tanya Muchnick

Sister Muchnick is an inspirational speaker and author. She is a Jewish convert with ancestory in Berdichev and Kiev, Ukraine.

She also promotes a new book: a historical fiction called Mashiach of Brodskii Street: Terror in Berdichev 1941. This chronicles the 1941 massacre of Jews and others during the Nazi invasion there. It's written by M.T. Simkovitz.

Marlena has published six books, including Her web sites: Jewish Convert-lds and Judaica, for nonmembers.

Here is a comment from someone who was at the April 2002 gathering.
I thank my best friend of 20 years for introducing me to this wonderful group of LDS converts, formerly Jewish faith for inviting me to this special event. Here, with Marlena Muchnick's amazing story unfolding, touching everyone deeply, I was blessed to feel, along with over a hundred others to hear her speak of her miraculous conversion. Her sharing of her spirit and love for the LORD, speaking of our Savior's LOVE bringing her, as well as many others of the tribe of Israel, brought me to absolute confidence that now is the time, this momentous time of fulfillment of prophecy, now, of the gathering of Israel. May all you feel this power and spirit of her love and testimony of CHRIST, our LORD blessing your lives, always, and with love.