Matzo Balls - Kneidlach

A Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal; usually served in soup.

During Passover, matzo balls are the traditional and kosher starch of choice for the holiday. When it comes to matzo balls, everybody has their own way of doing things. Some like their matzo balls light as a feather (floaters), whiles others prefer them with a more dense, thick texture (sinkers). Both are delicious in their own way. Then, there are always opinions on which herbs and spices to add to the mix, and which oil to use for binding the matzo. Oh, the options!

The first step in making matzo ball soup is making the matzo balls. Matzo balls are made by mixing fat, matzo meal, water, and spices to taste, to form a dense, sticky dough

Kneidlach is actually just another word for matzah balls, which are those golden dumplings commonly found swimming in chicken soup. Kneidlach are traditionally made from crushed matzah, eggs, and fat (usually chicken schmaltz) but there are countless ways to personalize your matzah balls to your preferences.

The meal is often included as a binder in various dishes, and it makes up the basis of matzo balls. To make matzo balls, cooks mix matzo meal, salt, pepper, eggs, and oil to form a sticky dough