Isaiah Chapters 36-39 —What Confidence is this Wherein thou Trustest?

Rabshakeh mocked Hezekiah. He knew that he and his people were either going to claim trust in Egypt or in the Lord their God, and he had a ready answer for each. “Why would your God aid you,” he would have asked in today’s vernacular, “when you have removed all of the high places of his worship?”, not understanding what it was that Hezekiah was doing when he cleansed the land of false idols.

One unit: Isaiah Chapter 36 - 39

Hezekiah recognized his weakness not only as a king, but as a man.

He saw with a greater perspective, and recognized the fact that the real assault and insult was against the God of the Israelites.

Rabshakeh left quickly to aid his king in a battle but sent Hezekiah a threatening letter. Hezekiah took Rabshakeh’s letter, “spread it before the Lord” and prayed.

The Lord answered Hezekiah’s prayers, as he often does for us, through his prophet(s).

Read how Hezekiah and his people demonstrated true principles of faith, by “cleaving unto God,” honoring their covenants, exercising godly fear, and submitting themselves to the word of the Lord as it was delivered through their prophets.

May we also be wise, and learn from their example.