How to Subscribe to Hidden LDS/Jewish Insights

LDS Gospel Doctrine Supplements and handouts by Daniel Rona.

Subscribing to it/membership does not require approval.

  1. Enter this link in the address line of Google:

  2. Sign in with a Yahoo password. (I presume you must have a yahoo email account, whether you use yahoo email or not)
  3. Click Join Group.
  4. Then scroll down to under "Group email addresses"; click the "Subscribe" link (see below).
    Note: You may need to do all this on a computer; doing it on phone is difficult or not possible.

Other things from this page:

  • If You scroll down on that page, notice that you can get previous editions by year/month.
  • Click "Conversations" to see a list of previous mailings (below).
  • Keep going down on this (How To) page below these two images to see how to manage your account in this group.

Manage your Account in this Group: