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  • For Seattle: Seattle Flyer
  • This Gathering: Thursday Oct 26, about the Israelite feasts. Web
  • Israeli dance instruction at 6 PM !
  • For Utah: Utah Flyer

If your friend wants to come for the potluck, and wants to try a Jewish recipe: Recipes.

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We are a social organization of Mormons of Jewish descent and interested friends. Through gatherings, this site, and social media, we promote:

  • Assistance with the unique Jewish genealogical research and sharing of unique historical events of Jewish families
  • Learning, understanding Israelite foundations of the restored Church
  • Enjoyment of Jewish culture - music, dance, etc; culture of your heritage.
  • Understanding of connections: Judaic - Mormon
  • We adhere to our LDS faith and add much understanding to it.

    Who might attend or join?
  • LDS members and friends having a Jewish heritage
  • Any Mormon or friend interested in Jewish people/culture, regardless of ancestry