Northwest Gathering April 23rd, Mercer Island WA

The Seattle/NW Chapter of B'nai Shalom, Children of Peace, Org. celebrated its third semiannual gathering Thursday evening, April 23, 2015!

Lots of food, Jewish and Other

A delectable smorgasbord

We hosted a large attendance of members and new visitors who contributed to a sumptuous and varied potluck dinner that spanned four large tables.

Some dishes were Jewish, including matzo ball and chicken soup, corned beef, bagels and cheese spreads, many salads and other savory items.

We were serenaded by members of the Cleaver family who entertained us with Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) songs and two special songs with lyrics by our national president, Marlena Tanya Muchnick-Baker. The family's numerous musical instruments contributed to the evening’s delight.

Lynda Cherry, CES Instructor
Sister Lynda Cherry

The keynote speaker was Lynda Cherry, currently teaching Bible class on Isaiah. One of her specialties is ancient Hebrew Feasts and Festivals, and also ancient temple practices, and how they testify of the Messiah. She's spoken regularly at Church Education Week, and teaches seminary.

Sister Cherry’s insightful lecture “Joseph and Judah: Enemies No More” reviewed the Joseph and Judah story and the dispersion of the tribes from the Northern Kingdom (Israel) and scriptural prophesies of the future of those tribes as told through the Hebrew bible and the Book of Mormon.

Amanda Brown danced Hebrew melodies for us, then led a group in the several basic dances. Sister Brown performed at our Salt Lake City gathering in 2013. She is a recent BYU grad, degreed in Ancient Near Eastern Studies/Hebrew Bible and World Dance. A former member of the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble, Amanda will continue graduate work in Biblical Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sixty attended this gathering. We look forward to more growth and many more Spirit-filled evenings where we, His children, can join together to enjoy each other and the benefits offered in the fellowship of Judah and Joseph.

Come and partake!

Please tell your friends about us, bring them to our gatherings. Help us to grow and to serve the Lord by bringing together today’s generation of the 12 Tribes of Israel in fellowship and peace.

Sister Cherry's Talk

Lox bites (smoked salmon)
The Cleaver family
The Cleaver Family, So Beautiful

All Ages Enjoyed Hebrew Dance