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Northwest Gathering April 2016, Mercer Island WA

Mary Kathryn Kozy, LDS genealogist

Bateman family

A Spirit-filled, uplifting evening at the Mercer Island LDS building! Those remarks were made by members as they enjoyed our Seattle/Northwest gathering Thursday evening, April 28th.

We enjoyed delicious dishes, some ethnic, all tasty offerings.

Our entertainment was superb! The Bateman family – Sheila and her husband and children – have been blessing our area with their music for many years. We were blessed to have them perform Hebrew musical arrangements, contributing their talents to our interfaith presentation.

Mary Kozy

Our speaker, Mary Kathryn Kozy, our resident LDS genealogist, was the other hit of the evening. She held our members in rapt attention as she unfolded to them the mysteries of how to search and find family names. Answering questions about family history and Jewish roots held complete audience interest, keeping her on the stand well past her presentation time.

Note that Mary is past president of Jewish Genealogical Society WA, and is current secretary. Also this year that organization is hosting the annual IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy on August 7-12 in Seattle.

Past president Phil Ortega joined us. He recently finished his two-year term – now holds an honorary status. This year’s gathering was hosted by the Seattle Area Committee.

We ended our gathering with testimonies of the Gospel and personal stories of faith, enhanced by a couple of Jewish sisters. They contributed to our gathering in a special way. We so appreciate their participation and contributions to our food table.

Plans are underway for the next gathering of the Seattle/Northwest group. We are looking for entertainers and a Hebrew dance teacher to lead us in dance.

Our next gathering is in October 2016 at the Mercer Island LDS building, 4001 island Crest Way. Members will receive emails monthly with our progress. Please do visit our website: and visit our numerous links to increase your understanding or the Mission of B’nai Shalom, Children of Peace, Org.

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