B'nai Shalom
Gathering March 30, 2017

This was a special evening
of Fellowship, Food, Jewish/LDS Inspiration and Music
for our Jubilee ()50th) year.

The keynote "fireside" speaker was Dr. Matthew L Bowen of BYU Hawaii.
His very enlightening talk was based on his 2014 article
What Thank They the Jews”? (2 Nephi 29:4):
A Note on the Name “Judah” and Antisemitism.

His presentation included many scriptures relating to Lord's attitude to Jews in long term. The presentation will be made available from this page.

We had a great turnout (148), with friends from Alaska, Kansas City, Arizona, and Seattle. The evening was ALL wonderful! Warm friends were greeted and friendships were made.

The presidency is to be praised for recovering so well from a two-day notice of required location change, aided by other members such as Daniel Rona who ensured that anyone coming to the old announced location were redirected. We gathered in the 19th Ward building; we can no longer use the historic Salt Lake Stake Center.

A non-Jew member who sang as a cantor in a synagogue sang a beautiful song for us, and Brother Hatch sang a very moving song he composed in the Jewish style.

An election was held. Chelsea Woodruff succeeds Marlena Baker as President, with Julie Gardner as 1st VP and Daniel Baker as 2nd VP. Marlena is Secretary; Russell Spencer and Mitch Moling are added to the board.

The fireside talk was again given in the cultural hall, due to video recording of the evening which cannot be done in the chapel. The video is not yet ready for YouTube.

Go to our Bnai Shalom YouTube channel and look for Sept 2016 Bnai. PLEASE subscribe to that YouTube channel. When we have 100 or more subscribers, we can have a custom URL.

Our wireless microphone system helped audience members hear the questions and comments from other members.

This page is far from completed. Pictures, mention of the keynote speech, and link to a recording will be added.

Background: Dr Bowen holds an Assistant Professorship in Religious Education at BYU Hawaii. He teaches ancient and restored scriptures, is the recipient of six Nibley Fellowship Awards, and an frequent contributor to MormonInterpreter.com. Dr. Bowen is on the Advisory Board for Book of Mormon Central, the Board of Editors for Interpreter Foundation, and the Editorial Board for Journal of Book of Mormon Studies.

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