Genealogy Corner of B'nai Shalom

Mary Kozy, of the Kent Washington stake, is the Jewish Genealogy specialist for B'nai Shalom at this time. She is a member and past president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State which holds monthly meetings in the Factoria (Bellevue) LDS building. And she is very competent on genealogy methods and all aspects of internet use for this research. Her

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In the past Nancy Goodstein Hilton has been the geneology specialist for the national/world wide organization of B'nai Shalom. Nancy has a particular wealth of experience in working with the Church (family history department and missions).

Robert Neu is a past president of the Jewish Genealogy Society, and is also available as a resource. Robert can give you history of Jewish migration in depth.

The thrill of discovery.

The specialists wish for all the joy of finding a new generation of names. This teaches us our heritage, our origins and our roots. Perhaps, with the use of Nechama's List and other helps, a great grandparent can whisper to us, 'Now I can be found'. This way we can honor and respect our ancestors by adding their names in their correct places in our family tree.

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Nachama's List is a detailed description of 635 titles of filmed Jewish genealogy records.

Not many members are aware of FamilySearch Wiki, but there are over a hundred articles on Jewish research. For a list of some of them the following: