Presidency and Board,
Bnai Shalom - Jews and Latter-day Saints
(B'Nai Shalom Children of

Julie Gardner

Member of B'nai Shalom 15 years. Have been Secretary, board member, and VP. My father was raised by the son of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine,

Jerome Horowitz
First Vice President

Past President. Father was deeply involved in the historic early day. Mother remembers the initial meeting at Harry Glick home and other early meetings.

Daniel Baker
Second Vice President

Webmaster, membership. Support bridges of understanding and knowledge, roots/foundation of restored Gospel. Co-authored Mormons Guide to Judaism.

Marlena Baker

Past President; Jewish parents fron Ukraine area, author of Notes of a Jewish Convert to the LDS Church:, Mashiach of Brodskii Street and others. "We learn in the temple we are all from the same family."

Brett Butterfield

Served a mission among Jews and learned a high amount of respect and love for them. Head of Global Business Sourcing.

Chelsea Woodruff
Board Member

Past President. Long term active in Bnai, initiator of the Facebook site. Real estate. Husband Kyle is not sighted and is extremely talented on piano.

Russ Spencer
Board Member

Board member from Boise, has been involved for four years.

Jeremy Friedbaum
Board Member

B'nai president in 2000; VP in 2009. Piano tuner/restorer, harp maker, political activist.

Brad Kramer
Board Member

Authored Beholding the Tree of Life: A Rabbinic Approach to the Book of Mormon and Gathered in One:..., works with Interfaith activities, including Rabbis, in NC.