B'nai Shalom Since 1967
Jewish Mormons, Interested Friends

Join us for an evening of Fellowship,
Food, Jewish/LDS Inspiration and Music

Subject and Speaker to be Announced

The gathering will be Thursday October 4 2018

Pioneer Stake Center, 1401 W 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT
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Our Special Evening Agenda:

Bring food for the Potluck ! Jewish food if you are inclined... Recipes...:

Of course you don't have to bring Jewish food - or any at all - we just want you to come, feel the love, and get the inspiration - but if you want to try it.... Recipes for Jewish food

Please come ready to help make the evening run smoothly... How to help...

We'll need help in setting up tables, chairs, food in a hurry. Most of the board will be doing specifics as well as greeting people.
If some of you will be table helpers (making sure everpyone has water, etc.) we'd be thankful.
After we nosh - before the talk - we must clear the tables in a hurry. Oh yes, there is the garbage. Please be ready to help with all aspect of that.
At the end, we must have help putting away tables, chairs, getting things back to the appropriate (marked) rooms and locations. Finally, cleaning up in respect for the use of the building!!

Daniel Smith's Display of Ancient High Priest attire

Daniel Smith will display his replica of the clothing of the ancient high priest. The outfit was hand-loomed, and includes the breastplate with 12 engraved stones, the ephod, the golden crown, and other pieces of clothing as described in Exodus 28. The replica is one of only a handful in the United States that is actually hand-loomed.

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See our Gathering history. and our Mission Statement.