Great Information, Great Food, Great Visiting, Great Friends, March 2006...

The semi-annual gathering of B’nai Shalom was held Thursday evening, March 29th, 2006 at the usual ward building in Salt Lake City. It was a educational evening!

At 7:30 we heard from the invited speaker, Dann Hone, ancient language researcher and author, speaking on "Possible Origin, History and Destiny of the Brass Plates from an Ancient Language". Following his fascinating and memorable story we returned to the cultural hall to enjoy Middle-Eastern music and feast on the luscious desserts.

Dann Hone Brother Hone's talk included recent finds of one of the earliest of Old West Semitic alphabets found in the biblical Negev. He touched on the subject and significance of great numbers of ancient writings with a virtually identical character and picture pattern found in various points in the world, including in the US Southwest. He also discussed some of his experiences in the Near East.

Some of the following will be redundant of his bio sent prior to the talk (PDF). Over the past 20 years his particular research interests have focused on Old West Semitic cultures and languages.

His family lived in Jerusalem for seven years while he helped open and establish the BYU Jerusalem Center. He has served on service committee chairmanships for the Church Department of Curriculum. He has authored three BYU Independent Study courses and one 340-page text on the Near East. His studies include 13 modern and ancient languages and scripts.

He has over thirty years of experience as an administrator and instructor with BYU. He has given lectures throughout the US and the Eastern Mediterranean on ancient scriptures and languages.

As part of his university assignments he resided in the Near East for over nine years where he became acquainted with internationally known scholars, political and civic leaders, and religious leaders of many faiths.

He has completed a BA degree at BYU, majoring in international relations/political science, and an MA degree in biblical history from the Jerusalem University College (with emphasis in historical geography, ancient Semitic languages, and archaeology of the Levant.

He currently is a member of the Board of Directors for the Old Negev Research Institute. While living in Jerusalem he was an advisor to the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation. B’nai Shalom will hold its next meeting in the same location, on the Thursday before General Conference, September 28, 2006.