B'nai Shalom
Jewish Mormons and Interested Friends
Jubilee Year (50 years) 2017

Memorials and History

Note: More history can be gleaned from the B'nai Shalom (Children of Peace) History and Newsletters. All herein is a continuing work.

Rose Marie Reid pioneer Jewish Mormon
Famous in earlier years: Jewish convert, swimsuit designer, Mormon missionary, LA Temple contributor, etc
Alexander Neibaur story
Alexander is the famous first Jewish member of the LDS church. Baptized in 1838, immigrated in 1941, died in 1883. Granddaughter Theda Butt spoke at B'nai in 1983. A known descendant of Alex is a current member of Bnai in 2016.
The Irving H Cohen Story
Another famous very early Jewish Mormon, early member of B'nai Shalom, and author.
Lynn Hilton and the Jerusalem Center
An early author and torch bearer for studies in Israel
Elissa Molling, an unforgettable early author and bearer of a bright torch
Elisa Molling memorial article. "....Woman committed to Judaism and Mormonism never left anyone empty-handed"
From Jew to Jewish Mormon
Elissa Molling testimony 1980
Ron Zeidner Story
An early author and torch bearer
Max Yospe - an Early Jewish Mormon Pioneer
First Jewish bishop, first Jewish mayor of Salt Lake City
Max Yospe Memorial
Max Yospe was the First LDS-Jewish mayor.and the first LDS Bishop of Jewish descent. Born July 25, 1924 in Chicago to Russian Jewish parents.
Harry Howard nee Harry H. Horwitz - by Bonnie Harps
This is the transcript of the amazing and amusing story Bonnie Harps told of her brave and fascinating father at the October 2, 2014 gathering. He was an early principle in Bnai Shalom history, and the best-known Jewish-Mormon in Mormon and Jewish history. The November 16, 1959 issue of TIME Magazine published an article with a photo of him. This article led to his becoming the best-known Jewish-Mormon in Mormon and Jewish history at the time.
Harry Glick founder of the organization. 1925-2014
One of the founders of B'nai Shalom. In 1976, Harry was called as the chairman of a special committee that wrote training manuals, used by those teaching people of Jewish ancestry.
Al Molling-Yearning
Yearning for Peace of Mind Leads Jewish Couple to Utah
Conversion of a Rabbi
Moshe Ben-Asa
Al Ostraff - Life of Service
Ruth R Rothery of Tasmania
Norman Rothman 1997 Des News
He continued to explore other Christian churches when occasion permitted and found "more intellectual knowledge and information, but nothing I could really say was it." until 1964,
Dialog in Netanya Academic College
Agenda of Mormon Jewish Dialog Chair First Academic Dialog Conference 2007
Mormon Jewish Academic Dialogue Conference 2007
Orson Hyde Square and Tshuva Auditorium Netanya Academic College