Isaiah Chapters 28-35 — Evil leaders and God’s justice

Chapters 28-35 are made up of five sections, each beginning with the Hebrew hôy, translated “Woe” in the KJV, though it is more of a greeting or attention getting call (see 28:1; 29:1, 15; 30:1; 31:1; and 33:1).

While earlier chapters were mostly during the time of king Ahaz—as well as 28-29—most of the materials in chapters 30-35 were likely recorded during the time of Hezekiah, culminating in the historical section in 36-39.

Isaiah Chapter 28-29

Isaiah expresses judgment on Ephraim, the northern kingdom of Israel. Then he reminds Judah that they are ripe for the same judgment.

Addressing the northern kingdom’s leaders, Isaiah likens them to drunks and fading flowers, and warns them of a coming destruction.

Then he turns his attention to Judah with a similar message.

Isaiah offers some wonderful promises of mercy and blessings, through sacred scripture hid up in the ground.

Isaiah Chapter 30-31

“Their Strength is to Sit Still . . . In Repentance and Rest Shall Ye be Saved; in Quietness and in Confidence Shall be Your Strength”

Where do we turn for help when trouble is upon us? Do we run to and fro, here and there, seeking solutions from the many counselors who offer relief in short-term panaceas?

Isaiah shows us the folley of this, and shows us the great day when the healing light of the Savior will beam on his people.

Isaiah Chapter 32-33

“There is Coming a King Who Will Reign Justly”

After describing the disastrous results of relying upon the arm of flesh in chapters 30-31, Isaiah contrasts the rewards of living by the Spirit in chapters 32-33.

Isaiah Chapter 34-35

Be Strong, Fear Not: Your God Will Come With Vengeance, He Will Come And Save You

Is the indignation of the Lord really upon all nations? A common reaction to this verse is a sense of disbelief; how is it possible that my nation will fall under this condemnation, one might ask.

There is a similar response to a related prophesy recorded by Zechariah that all nations will turn to fight against Jerusalem.