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LDS Hymns in Hebrew

These four were translated by Tal Lachmann; open in PDF

Jewish / Hebrew / Israeli Music and Dance (Step and Demo) Hebrew / Israeli Dance Steps and Demo Videos

Some good for learning dance steps, some beautiful songs.

Isaiah Study Resources

Many find Isaiah quite challenging. Many LDS scholars and others have written extensive helps to understanding Isaiah.

The following links to an index of class commentaries from a class conducted by Sister Lynda Cherry and Dave LeFevre. Isaiah Class Handouts

Related information was pulled from many relevant resources. There are many PDFs; each usually covers two chapters. The commentaries linked from that index are from a weekly Isaiah class taught by Sister Lynda Cherry and Dave Lefevre. Read the introduction (linked from the index ) for a better understanding and orientation to the sections.

Search Isaiah Isaiah Podcasts - Ann Madsen and more.

Search Isaiah Expert Insights by Victor Ludlow, Ann Madsen, Robert Millet, Gregorio Billikopf (of Chile) and more

Early Literature Contributions Jews Of The Torah, by early member Irving Cohen

Irving was a pioneer in Jewish-Mormon subjects before Bnai Shalom. Most interesting thoughts. This book has been scanned from a copy. It had been "published" as a limited number of basically Zerox copies."

Historical: Jews in Utah, Jerusalem Center History of Jews in Utah

A detailed writing by Rochelle Kapan, from the Utah Jewish community.

Lynn Hilton and Jerusalem Studies, Jerusalem Center

Jerusalem Center and the controversy

Orson Hyde dedication of the land

A sensitive subject, but it is part of LDS - Jewish history. Not B'nai Shalom.
Proselyting, in PRIOR years, of Jews.

Study and Lesson Resources; Daniel Rona - Israel Revealed Page of Various Media References

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