Jewish Members and Friends
of The Restored Church of Jesus Christ.
Fellowship, Food, Jewish/LDS Inspiration, Music

Bnai Shalom - Jewish Mormons - Library

LDS Hymns in Hebrew ++

These four were translated by Tal Lachmann; open in PDF

Jewish / Hebrew / Israeli Music and Dance (Step and Demo) ++ Hebrew / Israeli Dance Steps and Demo Videos

Some good for learning dance steps, some beautiful songs.

Isaiah Study Resources ++

Many find Isaiah quite challenging. Many LDS scholars and others have written extensive helps to understanding Isaiah.

The following links to an index of class commentaries from a class conducted by Sister Lynda Cherry and Dave LeFevre. Isaiah Class Handouts

Related information was pulled from many relevant resources. There are many PDFs; each usually covers two chapters. The commentaries linked from that index are from a weekly Isaiah class taught by Sister Lynda Cherry and Dave Lefevre. Read the introduction (linked from the index ) for a better understanding and orientation to the sections.

Search Isaiah Isaiah Podcasts - Ann Madsen and more.

Search Isaiah Expert Insights by Victor Ludlow, Ann Madsen, Robert Millet, Gregorio Billikopf (of Chile) and more

Early Literature Contributions ++ Jews Of The Torah, by early member Irving Cohen

Irving was a pioneer in Jewish-Mormon subjects before Bnai Shalom. Most interesting thoughts. This book has been scanned from a copy. It had been "published" as a limited number of basically Zerox copies."

Historical: Jews in Utah, Jerusalem Center ++ History of Jews in Utah

A detailed writing by Rochelle Kapan, from the Utah Jewish community.

Lynn Hilton and Jerusalem Studies, Jerusalem Center

Jerusalem Center and the controversy

Orson Hyde dedication of the land

A sensitive subject, but it is part of LDS - Jewish history. Not B'nai Shalom.
Proselyting, in PRIOR years, of Jews.

Study and Lesson Resources ++ Page of Various Media References