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B'nai Shalom
Jewish Mormons and Interested Friends
Jubilee Year (50 years) 2017

Member Testimonies and Stories

Daniel Rona Bio
Son of Herbert Rona, author, very early Jewish Mormon. Daniel is past president of Bnai Shalom and part of its earliest history. He is a current [2015] operator of LDS tours to Israel.
Marcel Kahne Story and Testimony
The top is in French; scroll down for English.
Doug Tourney, of Hungarian ancestry
An inspiring disposition: A cheery man until the very end, he asked for his last birthday to be in the Temple.
Phil Ortega Conversion
Sephardic: From Messianic to Mormon
Phil Ortega Testimony
His talk in B'nai
Jess Tafel:
Nothing worth doing-is easy
Harriet Rosser Kirkland - Article in the July 1986 Ensign
Original in Ensign: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1986/07/mormon-journal/a-book-different-from-any-other.html
A Book Different from Any Other. " I don't remember questioning my religion. I just accepted it—until I reached college."
Jason Olson conversion
From rejection to a faithful Navy chaplain
The Blessings of Bnai Shalom - Jerome Horowitz
Jerome Horowitz written in 1999. Jerome has been president and vice president and is currently on the board.
Bret Butterfield about Bnai Shalom's value
Testimony of B'nai board member and long term supporter; former special missionary
Similarities by Elissa
Similarities between Judaism and Mormonism
Marlena Muchnick Baker Testimony
My spiritual quest from a respected faith that didn't have enough answers and over a dark part of my life, through a period of intense study, to a releasing of my soul and deep love of the Messiah.
Louise Silver
My father-in-law had been raised as a Jew. His 1938 Hungarian passport said Protestant He lived, joined the LDS people....
A most interesting letter to us - Rosaland Crosby
irst, this from her website: "Rosalind Crosby recently passed away from leukemia. Demonstrating the well refined character that shone through in all that she did, she was passionately devoted to releasing her beautiful music on this website for the enjoyment and enrichment of others. It is my sincere hope you will take some time to enjoy Rosalind's music and see if it will not enlighten your life as it has mine. Rosalind was well loved by all, and she will be sorely missed. --Mike Upton, Rosalind's website developer.""
Anonymous Story
Due to family non-acceptance