B'nai Shalom Jewish Mormons, Interested Friends
Gatherings and News

B'nai Shalom Children of Peace .org is a world-wide organization, originating in UTAH in 1967. Gatherings in other locations are under the direction of the organization's Presidency and Board of Directors.

We seek to bring together members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who have Jewish heritage or who are interested in the cultural and spiritual similarities and differences between the Mormon and Jewish faiths, for greater understanding. And we guide to resources for the unique genealogical challenges of Mormons with Jewish heritage. ...More information about the Organization.

We have two gatherings a year; generally tstarting at 6:00 PM:
1) Israeli/Jewish dance instruction at 6 PM
2) Noshing at about 6:30 PM: Jewish/American variety pot puck (recipes) while we kibitz with old and new friends;
3) Keynote speech - Fireside program - on relevant Jewish-Mormon topics; about 7:15
4) Jewish music, testimonies, communal cleanup.

What's New?

In the beautiful Southwest, a new gathering has begun in Mesa Arizona under the leadership of our organization. The gathering is at the Lehi Mesa Stake Center, 1430 North Grand, MESA, AZ On Saturday, Sept 29. Brother Garry Boyle will speak on "A Loving Letter from God: Your Patriarchal Blessing".

Brother boyle has written the very insightful book on his subject, which is getting wonderful reviews. How to prepare, what to look for, how to get the full benefits, and why the Abrahamic covenant still matters.
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What about Utah?

Utah / Bnai Shalom Core in SLC holds spring and fall gatherings
Thursday eves before General Conference at the Pioneer Stake Center, 1401 W 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT. So the next is Thursday Oct 2, 2018.

Dr. Stephen D Ricks will give us spiritual insights to temple worship and address how we can feel inspired by reflecting on the spiritual meaning of practices in the ancient Israel temples and festivals. Thursday October 4 2018.

He has a most respectable writing and speaking experience on ancient temple worship. This will be a most inspiring evening, and will cause us great reflection on this channel of connection between Judaism the foundation and Mormonism the continuation.

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And in the legendary rainy Seattle Northwest area?

The Seattle area spring and fall gatherings are in the month after General Conference at the Bellevue South Stake Center, 15205 SE 28th St, Bellevue, WA 98007. The next gathering is set for Saturday Sept 29, 2018.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradshaw, Ph.D. will talk about Temple Themes in Genesis and the LDS Book of Moses.

Jeff has extensive book and article publishing experience in various LDS channels of deeper study, on temple symbols and worship of ancient. He just returned from a mission to the Congo.

See his site:.

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Recipes, Youtube, etc.

We have hords of Jewish recipes with pictures, history, and varieties of each. Take a look!

Our YouTube Channel: (That last is a numeral zero.) PLEASE subscribe so we can get a simple URL!

Come and partake!

Please tell your friends about us, bring them to our gatherings. Help us to grow and to serve the Lord by bringing together todays generation of the 12 Tribes of Israel in fellowship and peace.

Dance instruction Andrew Skinner Allen Steele served two Jewish proselyting missions/converted a Rabbi, two or three CES missions, knows all scriptures well including Torah and Prophets.