About B'nai Shalom, Children of Peace, Org.

B'nai Shalom was started in 1967 in Utah by Jewish members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who desired to occasionally enjoy the music, dance, culture, food and genealogy specific to Judaism.

It was further established in June 2013 as a tax-exempt entity under IRC 501(c)(3) with constitution, bylaws, and legal status to establish committees through the nation.

B'nai Shalom (Mormons and Jews) is a valuable resource for Jewish Mormons and friends who want to bridge the differences of understanding and knowledge between religions and cultures. Through semi-annual gatherings, members and friends participate in events particular to Jewish and Mormon ideals.

Gatherings feature ethnic Jewish/Yiddish food and dance, and speakers which have included LDS Church personalities, scholars and authorities on subjects of interest to both Jewish and Mormon members. A common topic is of bringing Joseph (Ephraim) and Judah together.

The leaders excercize and encourage prayer and revelation in making decisions of organization and further extentions of commmittees. There are over 1000 members world wide.

While not a branch of the Church, we are loyal to the authorities and teachings of the Church, and seek to highlight understanding to enhance the testimonies of those interested, whether of Jewish lineage or just a member seeking to learn more about the roots of the restored gospel.


This Organization has no affiliation with the Church, does not represent the Church, receives no support from the Church, is not sanctioned by the Church in any way; therefore, its actions cannot be attributed to the Church.

No Officer, Director, or member shall proselytize or act in any way that may be construed as having the purpose of proselytizing of descendants of Abraham in the State of Israel.