B'nai Shalom
Jewish Mormons and Interested Friends
Jubilee Year (50 years) 2017

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List of Previous Speakers and Events

These are some of the B'nai Shalom Children of Peace keynote speakers for the last few years, with a summary of their subjects.

April 2023 Jason Olson (youtube)
Jason Olson is author of "The Burning Book, A Jewish-Mormon Memoir. Discussing the Sinai covenant and the covenant of the Book of Mormon. YT Video. His trek from effectively being a Pharisee Written in 2006. Jason served a mission and was a faithful LDS chaplain.
Spring 2021 Symbols of the Messiah (youtube)
Finding Symbols of the Messiah in the Passover and in the Events of Passover Week. Added viewpoint on the Holy Week and symbolism. YT Video. Daniel Smith publishes the Redeemer of Israel site.
Fall 2020 Bnai Shalom: A Legacy of Testimony and Faith (youtube)
A gathering on Zoom: stories, testimonies, laughs, and love; with many of the "old" organizers from Florida to Alaska, San Diego to Toronto. YT Video
Fall 2019 Dr. Trevan Hatch - The Talmudic Rabbi Jesus
The Talmudic Rabbi Jesus:
Making Sense of the Striking Similarities between Jesus and Rabbinic Sages. YT Video
Dr. Trevan G. Hatch has published several books valuable to LDS - or to any believer, conducive to a better understanding of Jesus within the Jewish framework
Spring 2019 Gale Boyd SLC - Gifts from Judaism to the Restored Church
Gale's background and some messages that Judaism has given to Mormonism, most of which we are not aware of as a Church. Gale authored "Days of Awe", a popular study about the Passover and other festivals. for Church members. A lively discussion. YT Video.
Fall 2018 Garry H Boyle - A Loving Letter from God: Your Patriarchal Blessing
Symbols and layers in your blessing that will keep it relevant and personal to you in the years to come as you see what God has in store for your future
Oct 2018 Dr. Stephen D Ricks in SLC - Ancient Temples
Dr Ricks gave an outstanding presentation on aspects of ancient temples: YT Video. Stephen D. Ricks has authored or coauthored many foundational books.
Sept 2018 Dr. Jeff Bradshaw Seattle
Video was made but not processed.
April 2018 Dave LeFevre Seattle
Dave gave an outstanding presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls. His presentation was recorded on video but not processed. David A. LeFevre Articles . His mode Always Learning. (We should always...)
March 2018 Lynda Cherry SLC
242 attendees!. Lynda explained that we see Christ and the festivals throughout the Book of Mormon, and see Christ in the festivals from end to end, in a progression. Valuable YT Video. By 5/2023, Lynda Cherry has published five very valuable books for LDS disciple. and leads a scripture discussion group under auspices of her stake president. She has been a BYU adult ed instructor and spoken in Education Week.
Oct 2017 Sister Lynda Cherry Seattle
Basically the same presentation as later in SLC. Video not processed. By 5/2023, Lynda has published five ground-breaking books; top ones on this list.
Sept 2017 Dr. D. Kelly Ogden SLC
Dr. Ogden, an Emeritus Professor of Ancient Scripture, spoke on the history and status of the Jerusalem Center, beginning to end, with fascinating pictures and discussion on events that transpired. B'nai founder Daniel Rona was present. D. Kelly Ogden has published many foundational books.
April 29 2017 Lynda Cherry Seattle
Lynda gave a captivating account of the Jewish Festivals and their significance to the restored Gospel; the LDS church, focusing on the Spring festivals. She returned in the fall to focus on the Fall festivals and add other testimony-building insights. As of 5/2023, Lynda has published five books.
March 30 2017 Dr Matt Bowen in SLC
Jubilee gathering at 19th Ward Bldg. 148 people, including from Alaska, Kansas, Seattle, Arizona. Dr Bowen spoke on "What Thank Ye the Jews" scripture, many scriptures relating to Lord's attitude to Jews. Chelsea Woodruff succeeded Marlena Baker as President. Valuable YT Video. Dr. Matthew L. Bowen has authored a considerable list of writings for deeper Gospel exploration.
October 20 2016 Seattle - Dave LeFevre
Dave LeFevre: A key story of Jeremiah''s faith; messages Jeremiah has for today's time, and why a Latter-day Saint should understand Jeremiah. Kim Cooney introduced Feast of the Trumpets with his shofar, followed by "HATIKVA" "The Hope", the official national anthem of Israel. LDS hymn was sung in Hebrew. YT Video of the event. David A. LeFevre - as Institute teacher in Bellevue, Washington Articles . His mode is Always Learning. (We should always...)
Sept 29 2016- Kahlyle Bliss Mehr: "The House of Israel as a Unifying Principle"
Valuable YT Video of the presentation.
Bro Kahlile B Mehr has authored several books related to combinations of Jewish genealogy, Eastern Europe missionary history, Russian genealogy, or principles of genealogical research. "Mormon Missionaries Enter Eastern Europe" was the one of great interest which brought him to this most interesting presentation.
April 2016 - Pacific Northwest/Seattle - Mary Kozy
An amazing musical performance by the Bateman family, followed by a wonderful engaging session on Jewish (and general) Genealogy and DNA, and testimonies. Mary has been a genealogist for 35-some years, and has given many lectures on Genealogy and DNA.
March 2016 - Bradley J. Kramer - Salt Lake City
Rabbinic methods of study applied to Book of Mormon. Great time!
Bradley J. Kramer authored books related to LDS studies of Book of Mormon, and regularly writes outstanding articles for the latterdaysaint magazine online.
October 2015 Sister Leslie Rees at Seattle "Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel"
She authored "Ye Have Been Hid - Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel", the result of 40 years of gathering. Most interesting Judaic artifacts in parts of the world.
Oct 2015 (Now retired) Professor Brent L Top SLC
Experiences and observations of the Jerusalem Center, and "holy envy" of beliefs and practices of those of other faith traditions. Brent L. Top has authored many books, some with his wife Wendy, and has been director of BYU's Religious Studies Center.
April 2015 Sister Lynda Cherry at Seattle
Great attendance this time, great variety of foods, many from the Jewish recipes. Absolutely beautiful and haunting melodies from the Cleaver family. Emilee Brown lead the circle dance, with little one enjoying. Video is on the page.
April 2015 Patricia Argyle in SLC
Sister Argyle gave a spiritual testimony of her grandmother's murder in Auschwitz. She received a sudden revelation there of forgiveness, a bestowal of peace that healed her and her family of the grief and loss they had borne.
Oct 2014 Clifford Holley in Seattle Northwest
A very spiritual talk. Attendance was hurt by the weather and certain activities the same night.
October 2014 Bonny Harps and O Hakan Palm at SLC
Sister Harps - her father, a brave Jewish Mormon pioneer. Brother Palm of Sweden about the unlikely union of his German SS father and his Jewish mother. O. Hakan Palm authored the account of how those parents survived Hitler.
April 2014 Phil Ortega in Seattle Northwest
The inaugural gathering of the Seattle/Pacific Northwest chapter
April 2014 Dr. Avraham Gileadi at SLC
Turning the Hearts of the Jews to the Prophets and the Prophets to the Jews. Avraham Gileadi is widely published on subjects of Isaiah, Book of Mormon, and how prophecies of Isaiah interface with Mormon scriptures
October 2013 Phil Ortega at SLC
Of Messianic Jew background. A most humorous but informative and stimulating speaker.
April 2013 Marlena Muchnick
More to God's Plan
Her testimony as a Jewish Convert, how her conversion occurred. About how we all come together as a family. About the temple, where we discover and grow our spirit. She was elected president on that evening. Marlena continues with a burning testimony on those subjects. Marlena authored a variety of books, some of which are available free to genuinely interested persons.
Oct 2012- Gerald R Molen - Schindler´s List
An Evening with Gerald R. Molen: About producing Schindler's List with Steven Spielberg
April 2012 Kevin Hall
Spoke about words and the Statue of Responsibility
Oct 2011 Lex de Azevedo
Music the Universal Language- Upbringing with Jewish neighbors and Job. Bro Lex de Azevedo is an awesome and inspired composer and musician. 1. Overview 2. "If You Could Hie to Kolob" 3. another sample arrangement
April 2011 Daniel Rona
Opportunity and Responsibility in our Heritage. Live feed showing the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem at night, and unique Jewish/LDS insights as only Daniel can!
Oct 2010- composer Michael McLean
With wife Lynne, their love for Israel, the blessing the Children of Israel have been in their lives. "Sometimes a song can teach us a truth the only way our hearts can hear it..." About him; songs, etc.
April 2010 Atty Gen Mark Shurtleff
Attorney General of the state of Utah. Mormon and Judaic influence on law.
Oct 2009 Darius Gray Genesis Grp
A reflection of Humility and Patience. About the Genesis Group
April 2009 Alan Steele
Scriptural connections, responsibilities of Israel (10 tribes, northern kingdom, Ephraim plus more) to Judah.
Oct 2008 Liz Lemon Swindle
LDS Artist, shared her paintings of Christ in the Holy Land
April 2008 Mindy Jeppesen
Learning to Study the Scriptures All Over Again: Gospel Doctrine, Rabbinic Style
Oct 2007 Mark Paredes
Mormons and Jews in the Latter Days: A Zion Relationship. He lives in the LA area; his experiences working for Jewish organizations; Events and connections. Mark had written a column for Jewish media in SoCal. Later became a Bishop.
March 2007 Daniel Rona
A special Seder Passover - a meal fit for a King, with Danel Rona - an Israeli, an American, a Mormon and a Jew. 40th anniversary of B'nai Shalom.
Sept 2006 Andrew Skinner
From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Da Vinci Code: What's of Value to Latter-day Saints. Election of Officers
March 2006 Dann Hone
Possible Language Origins, History
Sept 2005 Karl Heinz-Schnibbe WWII
The three LDS German teens who defied Hitler in 1941. Karl-Heinz was imprisoned several years in a concentration camp and four more years in a Soviet prison in Siberia. His amazing story of endurance and long suffering was inspiring. Note: Karl has passed away.
March 2005 Marvin Goldstein
Sept 2004 Testimonies
April 2004 Gale Boyd
Messianic Imagery In The Jewish Holidays
Sept 2003 Daniel C Peterson
What has Athens to do with Jerusalem
April 2003 Cleon Skousen
Lessons I've Learned From Life. He said a key difference is that milk eaters of the gospel only ask what to do next, while meat eaters also ask why. "A few Saints get to the meat level," Skousen said. "The why and the how people are the ones that are really progressing in the gospel." Why don't more get into the meat? "Because most people aren't interested in meat." "There are some boring speakers. That's 'cause they get on milk and can't get off it. . . . It's the duty of everyone to be a good sacrament meeting speaker."
Sept 2002 Daniel Rona
Seder served and explained.
April 2002 Marlena Muchnick
Marlena's youth, the origins before the holacaust in Ukraine, her long period of primarily seclusion to study, and what it all means to her.
Fall 2000 Donald W Parry
He spoke on Isaiah Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He is a Professor of Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls at BYU, served as a member of the International Team of Translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a member of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament, Groningen, The Netherlands, Society for Biblical Literature, Atlanta, Georgia, and the National Association of Professors of Hebrew, Madison, Wisconsin; served as a member of the Board of Directors of Brigham Young University's Institute for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts from 1987-2005. Bro Parry authored + twenty-seven books; many books referenced yet today.
April 2000 Hartman Rector Jr.
Excavations of the City of Lehi. This link contains his history and links to his VERY inspiring testimony. He authored many most stimulating books.
Oct 1999 Conversion Stories
Spring 1998 LeGrand Baker
See Shofar.
He spoke on the Psalms being used in the ancient festivals, relevant to temples. "Who Shall Ascend Into the Hill of the Lord? The Psalms in Israel's Temple Worship In the Old Testament and in the Book of Mormon", a MOST interesting 770 page book.
Fall 1997 Monte Nyman
His topic was "Turn the hearts of the Jews unto the prophets and the prophets unto the Jews" from D&C 98:16-17
Spring 1997 John Welch
See Shofar. John Welch has written many foundational books.
Fall 1996 Jerome Horowitz
See shofar
Fall 1995 Dr. Arnold Green
See Shofar Speaking on the architecture of synagogues.
Fall 1994 George W Pace
Our Savior's Promise to the Jews. Rebecca and Stephenie Pace and David Rona sang Jerusalem of Gold. Ed Motola gave Intro. Closing by Charles Smith. George W. Pace authored many inspiring books, some about establishing a personal relationship with the Savior.
Spring 1994 Victor Ludlow
See Shofar. He authored books about Isaiah.
April 1991 Dr. David Galbraith
Jerome Horowitz presided.
Dr. Galbraith shared personal experiences in the Holy Land. Summary of his experience: 20 years in Israel, 15 years director of Jerusalem Center (first director), 1 year in Africa. Professor of Political Science at BYU.
PhD at Hebrew University in Middle Eastern studies. He authored Jerusalem: The Eternal City.
Ron Zeidner was secretary and led the music.
The meeting was at the Draper 16th ward.
Sept 1988 Dan and Rhonda Christensen
Subject not known. The 1985 bylaws had been sent with the mailing.
April 1987 Jerry Silver "in Search of Lehi's Trail"
We were also entertained by the BYU folk dancers. We were at the Windsor Ward Chapel (my ward in Salt Lake)? Jerry Kidd was President, John Lieberman was vice president and Joleen Keeley finished her term as secretary/treasurer and Mary Glick was elected as secretary/treasurer.?We were on 18 month staggered terms at that time.
October 1993 Cleon Skousen
See Shofar. He authored many books that have been referenced heavily in the past.
Sept 1983 John Tvedtnes
Perspectives of the Holy Land. Memoriam to our beloved Ruth Glick. Prelude: Mary Emrazian, Welcome: Sylvia Linford. Musical Review by "Musaic": Beckie Singley, Wayne Gilbert, Mary Emrazian, Linda Hansen, Carol Evans.
Spring 1982 Roland Wright
See Shofar. He was the former president of the New York mission and spoke about the Jewish proselytizing program in the mission field
Sept 1982 Wayne and LuRee Ottley
See Shofar. Returned from Israel as church representatives.